Wayside is now open.
Join us in person (masks respectfully requested) or virtually using our Media page.

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Our Adult Ministry is an exciting way for the young and old alike to learn about Christ. Learn about the different groups available to you.



Join us on our journey in building a relationship with Jesus and the Bible. We nurture and support all Children of God as they grow in faith, grace and knowledge.



Our Youth engage God through His Word, service to His world and worship in community to become life long followers of Jesus Christ. 



From traditional hymns to contemporary Christian music, and from chimes to our Praise band there is something for everyone at Wayside!


Welcome to Wayside! Thanks for taking a moment to look over our ministry.  Ours is an intergenerational church with solid biblical preaching and teaching within the Reformed Christian tradition, a variety of mission outreach commitments and events, and more opportunities to connect for faith, friends and fellowship than you might expect for a midsized church. We currently offer a combined traditional and contemporary service with our Grace Notes band each Sunday morning at 10:00am. We are a full service church, offering programs and pastoral care for all ages on and off our beautiful eight acre campus. We hope you’ll check us out in person this weekend, or join us for our next community event!

Service Times


10 AM - Fall Services

10 AM - Nursery

11 AM - Fellowship


What Is Going On?

Take a look at what's happening at Wayside!


Worship Services

Weekly worship in our comfortable all-purpose space is designed for children and adults, and is offered both in a more traditional style with hymns and special music by our choir, and in contemporary style with congregational singing and special music led by our Grace Notes worship band. Both services utilize PowerPoint text and images to support joyful singing and preaching  that challenges hearers to personal  faith, wholeness, and use of God-given gifts.


Contact Us

Questions? Here is our contact information:



Office Hours:


9:00am - 2:30pm


9:00am - 12pm

Upcoming Events

Given the ebbs & flows of the pandemic, the Worship & Music Committee has revised our longstanding flower policy for worship services. No flower chart will be available for general sign-up. Waysiders may call the church to inquire about providing flowers for a given Sunday. You will be informed if flowers are already scheduled. But no standing order and no delivery service will be provided by the church. Individuals may procure and deliver flowers at their own expense and take them home after services if desired. If there are no flowers scheduled, the church has a variety of nice silk arrangements to use. The Worship & Music Committee will from time to time also put out no flowers because of other decorations serving a Sunday or seasonal theme. Always communicate with the office and/or the W&M chairperson, Chris Rowles (chrisrowles@comcast.net).

In this season of pandemic, natural disasters, and refugee resettlement, the church is being asked how Waysiders can send financial support to approved mission entities of the PCUSA.  Any time a member or friend wants to make a contribution, please make checks out to Wayside Presbyterian Church, and we will forward the gift as appropriate. Please mark the purpose/recipient of your gift on the memo line. Check the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance link at the PCUSA website for more information: Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (pcusa.org)

Sept 25

Waystock is coming! Mark your calendars for Saturday, September 25, noon to 5PM.  Bring a friend and a non-perishable food item for the Hempfield Area Food Pantry and enjo this annual Fun Fest!  Wayside’s Community Music & Fun Fest provides wonderful music, food, and fun for all, in an event supporting the Hempfield Area Food Pantry.