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Each week, our preschoolers can enjoy a monthly lesson video as well as a weekly “prop talk” video with Miss Michelle where she will reinforce the Bible verse and lessons. All of this content is hosted on our Wayside Kids YouTube page.


Beginning November 29 - The First Christmas Gift 



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Every Sunday, Miss Sonja will be providing Wayside Kids with a Bible reading and home activities through video. Using the Hands-On Bible, together you will explore and participate in "easy peasy, use the stuff around your home" tasks and projects. All of this content is hosted on our Wayside Kids YouTube page.


Story and Supplies

Advent - Don't Be A Grinch Series
29th - Be Real, Don't Pretend!

At Home Activity Ideas:

  • Craft - Mary and Joseph PDF
  • Molding - use playdoh or clay to sculpt scene or characters from Luke 1
  • Building - use LEGO or blocks to create the angel vsiting Mary
  • Sensory - white feathers and Order The Story Nativity PDF - put plenty of feathers on table to represent the angel wings, place diffferent pictures from PDF in feathers for children to look at and place in order
  • Activity Booklets







Written specifically for youth and young adults

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Free Kids TV streaming channel , also available as an app. Faith and family content.