Youth Ministry

Take a look below to read a little about each of the youth fellowship and learning opportunities we offer.  Included with each description is when they meet.  Continue further down for group event announcements.  All questions about our youth programs are to be directed to our Youth Coodinator.

Youth Gathering

Includes a discussion group designed to help young people wrestle with the tough questions they face in an environment where middle and high school students become equipped with the love and word of God to face these challenges. This is all done to allow them to grow in faith and to be lifelong followers of Jesus Christ. 


  • Combined Youth meet at 10:45-11:30 on Sunday Morning

    Grab a snack during Fellowship and head on back to our Youth Room!

Mission Opportunities

The Ministry of Wayside is deeply committed to spreading the message of love and service of Jesus Christ to all people. It is our goal to instill this value in all of our people. To this end, the Youth Ministry provides opportunities for our middle and high school students to serve God and their fellow humans both at home and abroad.

IGNITE Wednesdays

Here at Wayside, we are excited to offer formative opportunities for our middle and high school students as a combined youth group. The curriculum is uniquely designed and formatted to help them grow in a deepening relationship with God and to equip them to meet the changing world around them. 

Faith Formation

Multiple times throughout the year, the Youth Ministry provides special opportunities for faith formation through field trips, retreats, VBS, and special worship experiences. It is our desire to help students interact and experience faith out of the ordinary and to have their relationship with God grow in extraordinary ways.



Calendar of Events

We have a ton of amazing activities going on at the church! Make sure you check the calendar for all the dates and times. We are sure you will want to join in on some of the activities! If you have any questions about the events feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you!


If you are looking for a way to serve, no need to look further. We have tons of areas that everyone, from all walks of life, can serve. If you have any questions about any of these fields please let us know.

All of our different areas where you can serve are broken down into areas and groups you can join. We hope you will be able to find an area where you can best use your talents. Check below for a small list of some of those areas and contact us if you have an interest to share your talents.

  • Garden care around the church building

  • Greeters at the doors before services

  • Volunteering inside the nursery

  • Serving on the leadership teams

  • Providing Fellowship refreshments on Sunday mornings