Worship Choir

  • We have an exciting year ahead.  Cathie Ardrey has chosen music for the fall and advent seasons.  They are a mixture of contemporary and traditional anthems for all to enjoy, whether you are singing with us in the choir or listening in the congregation.

  • We are looking for new members of the choir for the upcoming year.  You do not need to read music, or have an American Idol voice to sing in our choir.  Shower stall singers would be just fine!  Cathie Ardrey promises that the rehearsals will be fun, fast-paced, spiritually-derived, and, oh— musical, as well.  Come join us— PLEASE?????

  • Let Cathie Ardrey know if you are considering singing in the choir by tackling her in the lobby after the first service, where she will be lurking.  Or, give her a call at 717-393-4469, and she would be delighted to talk with you!

  • Wednesday from 8:00-9:00 pm, First Wednesday of every month from 8:15-9:00 pm in the sanctuary