Local Pantry

Hempfield Area Food Pantry

Christmas Gifts for Children of Food Pantry Guests!

We are participating in this project instead of the Samaritans Purse because this is more of a local mission. You can find a list of gift suggestions on the Mission bulletin board.  The items will be taken to Zion Lutheran Church on Monday, December 3 so the bags can be put together.  There is a sample of the bag hanging on the mission board, along with a basket to put donated items into. Thank you for your continued support of the Hempfield Food Pantry and its guest!


Foods, money and volunteer services are donated to the food pantry by numerous charitable and business organizations.  In addition to donating foods and money, Wayside volunteers also help deliver food and staff the Pantry 1 to 2 times per month and disperse a variety of foods to local residents.

Contributions of food and money are always needed. Food can be placed in the food cart that is located in the narthex. Volunteers are needed for delivering the food to the Food Pantry and can indicate their interest by signing up on the bulletin board.

Wayside is responsible for “staffing” the food pantry on the fourth Monday of every month. If the month has a fifth Monday or a fifth Wednesday, Wayside staffs these as well. Volunteers are always needed.