Blanket / Clothing Donations

The clothing donations are used locally, in the U.S. and around the world.  This consists of unopened packages of socks and underwear, and new or slightly used clothing and blankets.

Blanket Sunday - October 2nd

Currently, we are in transition from the ―"Phew, it’s a hot and humid day today" season to the ― "Brr, it’s a cold day today" season. And soon, we’ll be hunting for a warm blanket to snuggle into - - that is, if we are fortunate enough to find one. Some people will not be so fortunate!

The Columbia ― "Hands Across the Street" mission project which operates out of the Columbia Presbyterian Church, is in need of blankets (new or used and clean blankets that are in good condition). They’ll be distributed to people in need.

Wayside is collecting blankets from now until October 2nd. They should be packaged or tied up and brought to Church and deposited in the designated area. Help us warm the spirits of some cold souls this winter. Your kindness will be appreciated!